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Dear Mr. Beckett,                                     January 24, 2018

I am writing to thank you for a beautiful and professional job that you have done for me in my home.  The staff was professional also.  It left a lasting impression on me of their good work quality!  They renovated my living room floor, and put a brand new roof onto my home.  I can see clearly now, because your staff installed an upgraded light fixture in the hallway entrance on the main floor and the basement.

Thank you again for you and your staff's exemplary top grade renovation performance.  I highly recommend you and B&B Property Investment Group LLC.


Ms. A. Thomas


You and your team are the best! I love the floor and I appreciate you allowing me to pick another wood. I always wanted dark brown, so I'm tickled pink.


You are special and it's nice knowing you.


Much appreciation,

Nancy Waddell

October 2023

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